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A bond may trade at a discount for several reasons, and since bond prices and interest rates are inversely correlated, if a bond offers a lower interest coupon rate than the prevailing interest rate in the economy it will become less attractive than newly issued bonds with higher coupons, and be discounted accordingly.
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In a typical intertemporal consumption model, the above summation of utilities discounted from various future times would be maximized with respect to the amounts x t consumed in each period, subject to an intertemporal budget constraint that says that the present value of current and future expenditures does not exceed the present value of financial resources available for spending.
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d: to anticipate or take into account something, such as a future event in present calculations or planning mail came chiefly from those organized groups whose opposition had already been discounted Time. to give or make discounts see discount entry 1 stores planning to discount after the holidays.
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In that case, the discount factor is then if the usual money market day count convention for the currency is ACT/360, in case of currencies such as United States dollar, euro, Japanese yen, with r the zero-rate and T the time to cash flow in years.: D F T 1 1 r 360 360 T displaystyle DFTfrac 11frac r360360T or, in case the market convention for the currency being discounted is ACT/365 AUD, CAD, GBP.: Wörterbuch: discounted: Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzung.
DIS dís disc disco discount discounted. to discount discounted discounted. discounted adj past-p. diskontierte discounted adj past-p e.g. unberücksichtigt gelassen z. Meinung twice-discounted adj. zweimal diskontiert bill discounted. diskontierter Wechsel m discounted amount. abgezinster Betrag m fin. Diskontwechsel m fin.

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